Founded in 1957 as the union of several traditions including Congregationalists, German Evangelicals and Reformed Christians, and other ethnic congregations, the UCC is one of the most diverse denominations in the United States. This union was possible because none of the traditions required adherence to particular doctrines as tests of faith.
The motto taken from the Gospel of John, “that all may be one” illustrates the hope and promise that we can live together in the unity of Christ even if we do not always agree. We do agree that we all have the freedom and responsibility to make the faith our own in each generation.
Throughout history and that of predecessor denominations, the United Church of Christ has lead the way on issues of justice. It seeks to be multiracial, multicultural, open and welcoming to all people, discerning the still speaking God’s will for humanity and our world.

The Chicago Metropolitan Association is part of the United Church of Christ, a national Protestant Denomination. We include 108 congregations in the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, and many non-parish ministries.
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