Boards and Committees

As a congregation of the United Church of Christ, all of the people are ministers and share in the ministries of the church.  The ministries are guided by several boards and standing committees and lead by the pastor and the Cabinet (the governing board), made up of officers, pastor, chairs and members of the boards and committees, and members at large.

The Diaconate Board is responsible for the spiritual life of the church, works closely with the pastor on worship and pastoral care. It oversees the selection and scheduling of lay liturgists, prepares the sacraments, and nurtures the lay visitation team that cares for the home-bound.

The Board of Religious Education and Youth Activities: provides support and encouragement for the Sunday School and its superintendent, the youth program, confirmation, adult forums, and the annual Christmas pageant and Easter Sunrise Service.

The Board of Trustees: Shall have the care and custody of the property of the church and have charge of its financial affairs.  They also offer hospitality to our Scouting programs, community groups that use the facility for regular meetings, one-time celebrations and use of the gym for basketball teams etc.

The Missions and Outreach Committee is concerned with the allocation of resources to the agencies and events supported by the congregation, as well as hands-on mission projects such as the monthly preparation of sack lunches for The Night Ministry.  The committee also seeks to further fellowship and interaction between the church and local and global community.

The Ways and Means Committee prepares the church’s budget and plans fellowship and fund-raising events throughout the year.

The Memorial Committee Keeps records of funds given for memorials to the church and decides how these funds may be expended.

The Music Committee Works with the Director of Music and the Organist/Pianist in the planning & execution of the music program.

The Safe Church Committee  implements, administers & oversees our Safe Church Policy, with record keeping, training/education of staff & volunteers as well as our congregation & providing for response to any allegations of sexual exploitation or harassment.

The Nominating Committee prepares a list of nominations to replace out going board & committees for the ensuing year.  This list will be presented for vote at the annual meeting along with any nominations received from the floor.

The Auditing Committee performs an annual internal audit of the Treasurer’s Reports and arranges for a formal audit upon request.

The Technology Committee improves and maintains the technology of the Church.

The Stewardship Committee implements a local stewardship program.

The Decorating Committee coordinates who, when, and how decorations for events and seasons are placed and removed.

The Fellowship Committee coordinates all fellowship events and activities, including Fellowship Time on Sundays.