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Pastor’s Message

Pastor Gayle’s Reflections

May 2019

From the UCC General Synod website:

Every two years, General Synod brings together thousands of faithful members of the United Church of Christ for formal church witness, inspirational worship, and fellowship with friends (new and old).

You are invited to the United Church of Christ’s General Synod 2019 that will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 21-25, 2019!

The theme for the General Synod 2019 is based on the scripture Matthew 5:16
In the same way let your light shine before others . . .

“When we light just one candle in the darkness, it illuminates dimly, but when many candles are lit, and all let their lights shine, together we can bring brightness to the world.”
― Rev. Franz Rigert, Wisconsin Conference Minister.

Always an extraordinary event in the life of the Church, delegates and visitors will experience dynamic workshops, generative plenary sessions, inspirational worship, engaging youth activities, special banquets, and luncheons. Delegates will conduct the business of the denomination and set priorities for our ministries. Keynote speakers will offer illumination and insight into challenges that face our congregations and communities. And delegates and visitors alike will stand up for issues that demand a faithful witness, worship together, and participate in local community service projects.


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I am a General Synod junkie. Including my first Synod as a visitor in Minneapolis in 2003, I have attended six of the last eight General Synods. This has meant trips to the West Coast and the East Coast, as well as a few different Midwestern cities. This summer, Synod will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, right in our own backyard! Synod is always a time of great fellowship, a giant family reunion, with opportunities to visit with those we haven’t seen for a while and those “cousins” we’ve never met before. It is also a time of opening oneself to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which can be scary, and would be more so if the rest of the participants at Synod weren’t also trying to remain open. It is a time of vulnerability and growth and challenge and love. A time full of opportunities to let our lights shine!

If you are interested in attending part or all of this event, go to the Synod 2019 page listed above and follow the links for registration or more information. (Please note that registration will be temporarily closed May 13-20.) Come up for Saturday afternoon and join in one of several service projects, or Sunday afternoon for community worship and the Shine! Festival is slated for Sunday, June 23, from 4:30 – 8:30 pm in Milwaukee’s Zeidler Union Square. (Sunday events are FREE!) If that’s not a possibility, you can follow the event via articles and videos on the Synod 2019 webpage and social media.

In the meantime, how are you letting your light shine before others?