Congregational Church of Jefferson Park

Pastor’s Message

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Pastor Gayle’s Reflections

April 2018

“We need the season of Easter, the Great Fifty Days, to live with the mystery of resurrection for a while, to let the magnitude of it dawn on us, dawn in us.”

“We need time to be encountered by the risen Christ, and we need time for that encounter to transform us from people who say we believe to people who enflesh and embody that belief.”

Kimberlee Conway Ireton,

The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year

For many of us, there is relief when Easter Sunday is over. We’re exhausted from all the preparations, not to mention the exertion of participating in two worship services and a meal in between! Jesus has Risen, and we’re ready to go lie down and rest!

And, in our exhaustion, we lose the message, the importance of Easter. We try to move past the mysterious as quickly as possible, because we can’t explain it, and we really don’t like that. We’d rather go buy half-priced candy and go back to “normal.” But as Christians, we can’t. We can’t go back to normal, whatever that is, because the Resurrection, and its remembrance, change things — and they should change us. To change us from people who believe in Christ, to people who embody the mission and ministry of Jesus. Because the truth of the Resurrection doesn’t matter unless we live like it matters. Unless we live like the world-changing love of God that we know through Christ, is meant to be shared with everyone we encounter and with the world we are called to care for.

But that will take time and intention. So let us enter the fifty-day season of Easter with the intention to live into the mystery of Christ’s Resurrection, and to share God’s mysterious and overwhelming Love with the world.
Happy Easter!