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Pastor’s Message

Pastor Gayle’s Reflections

June 2019

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Each year, our congregation collects funds for four separate special mission offerings of our denomination, the United Church of Christ. As we move through Eastertide and toward Pentecost, I invite you to consider giving to the Strengthen the Church (STC) special mission offering, which will be dedicated on Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019. We remember and celebrate Pentecost as the day the church was born, as the Holy Spirit visited the people, commissioning and blessing them to go out and minister in the name of Christ. The STC offering is collected on Pentecost because the funds gathered contribute to the ministries of the church itself, and to celebrate our covenant with the various settings of the denomination. To that end, “50 percent of this offering stays in [our] local conference, and 50 percent is sent to the national work of strengthening the church universal through grants toward new church starts, inspiring youth and young adults into leadership, and equipping pastors for ministry in the 21st century.”1 Giving to this fund makes it possible for resources to be developed that can help churches like ours to be renewed through our covenant connections with the whole of the UCC. You can learn more about the offering and donate online at

In addition to celebrating Pentecost* on June 9th, we will also celebrate Children’s Sunday and the Last Day of Choir before summer hiatus. Be there to soak up as much of the choir as you can before our voices separate for the summer, and to witness Dylan Mendro receive a study bible and UCC Handbook, as he continues his faith journey by beginning the steps toward confirmation. This is not just an opportunity for Dylan to grow in his faith, but also an opportunity for the congregation to live into the promises made at his baptism, to support him on his journey.

How will we grow, in covenant with one another, with our conference, with the whole United Church of Christ, and with God?



* As noted in the UCC Book of Worship, “The color for the day of Pentecost is red in vivid commemoration of the tongues of fire described in Acts 2.” You are invited to WEAR RED on June 9th!

1 Letter to congregations regarding the STC offering, Rev. Dr. Chris Davies & Ms. Jacqueline Owens.

Sunday, June 16th will be our first day of summer worship hours –
Worship will start at 10AM!