Congregational Church of Jefferson Park

Pastor’s Message


Pastor Gayle’s Reflections

March 2017

Lent arrives on March 1st this year. We will be marked with ashes, symbols of death, mourning, and repentance, as well as symbols of new life and change to come. And we spend the next six weeks preparing for Jesus’ fateful journey into Jerusalem. We know that Palm Sunday is a happy day and that Easter Sunday is even happier still. But we know the hurt that comes in between those two Sundays. We also know that many fellow Christians will choose to focus on bettering themselves, either through giving up unhealthy habits or by adding healthier ones. Some of these habits will be relatively small and personal, others will be more dramatic or public. Ultimately, the purpose is to focus on our relationship with God in and through our lives. How might you deepen your relationship with God?

This year during Lent, I will offer a Membership Exploration Class, for those considering joining the congregation, as well as anyone who is already a member or friend and would like to set aside some time and space to consider what their church involvement means to them. Historically speaking, Lent was a season for those wishing to be baptized and/or join the church to prepare for those commitments. Consider joining us to learn about and discuss the history of Christianity, our denomination, our congregation, and the different ways each of us embraces and expresses our faith. The class will meet on Saturday mornings at 10:00AM, March 4th through April 8th.

If you’re not interested in that class or it doesn’t fit your schedule, feel free to join me for Open Sanctuary: Lenten Reflection & Recreation. All are invited to join me in our sanctuary for prayer, reflection, meditative coloring, walking meditation, or just plain walking. It will be open to the public Mondays from Noon-1PM, and Wednesdays from 5:30PM-7:30PM, starting March 6th and continuing through April 12th.

Blessings on this reflective season,